logo_1The Journey To Discover Our Dream

It all started in 2006, when Dr. Linh C. Nguyen was serving in military in Germany as an Air Force major whose main work place was the emergency room. During this time that he got to know about telemedicine. Upon returning to America, his mind was already full of ideas to combine the traditional house call model with what he had learned about telemedicine to create what he would later call “Healthcare Without Walls”. However; like many other start-up businesses, it was rough in the beginning as he and his wife had to utilize their living room for meetings and their office for scheduling; eventually, their own house turned into the company’s office with 5 to 10 people working there for almost a year.

All of the hard work paid off when an incubator in Scottsdale, Arizona, upon realizing the potential of Dr. Nguyen’s business and the great talents he was working with, took him and his team into its nurturing arm. This is considered the turning point for MD24 House Call and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Dr. Nguyen to successfully build the company that strives to bring the best healthcare services to elderly population at home.

Our “Pay It Forward” Philosophy To College Graduates

Having experienced how valuable other people’s help is to the achievement of success, we decided that it’s our responsibility to pass the torch to aspiring young talents reach their full potential. We are continuously thinking about improving the quality for patient care, and creating the next generation of talented leaders in healthcare industry.

Our open-door policy welcomes CPT/OPT or H1B students to apply and be part of the team

  • Receive internship positions at MD24 House Call.
  • Take part in various projects that apply information technology to benefit the community.
  • Access and learn about the latest technological innovations in medical field.

MD24 House Call’s HIT-PH course is available in Trine University, Grand Canyon University, Maricopa Community College Systems in the US and Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội) in Vietnam.

Our Telemedicine And Other Innovations

As a company that totally appreciates the values of technology in healthcare industry, MD24 House Call always strives to apply the most innovative technologies to our services. The latest addition to our long list of medical innovations is our telemedicine application, DirectDocDial.

This application represents our vision to expand healthcare delivery to regions beyond the reach of traditional medicine. DirectDocDial offers rural community quality healthcare with comfort and convenience as well as multiple additional benefits. It also benefits the physicians by helping them increase their services to millions of new patients beyond their own offices.

Besides telemedicine, we also offer house call visits along with our efficient mobile diagnostic testing solutions. This is a progress in medical service delivery in which healthcare is provided right at the patients’ homes and wherever they may be, without any hassle of transportation and wait time issues often involved with doctor visits. To us, patient’s values are always first priority.

With the bright prospect of technology development in medical field, we are confident that MD24 House Call will remain a force to be reckoned with in healthcare industry, and an ideal place for you to jump-start your career.