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VIETTEL AMERICA – pacing with global trend

Viettel America (VTA Telecom) is a member of Viettel Group. Founded in 21 March 2013 in the Florida, United States. Our office is at San Jose, California 95131.

Our main role is to keep pace with global telecommunication trend in the region. We are the pioneer in researching and developing IP/MPLS routing solution for our own network telecommunication servicing both wired and wireless technology. Our plan to have the first metro site router in mass production by the Q2/2017 and aggregation/core router shall be the next step. That is part of our corporate vision to become the first Research and Development center in the United States.

Our organization consists of only trusted and experienced, young and dynamic employee.

Viettel Group – leading service provider in Vietnam

We provide VoIP service in the year 2000s, fixed line in 2001 and mobile service in 2004. So far, we are leading operator in Vietnam in term of subscriber base, total revenue, and budget contribution to the Government as well as industry capita income.

Not alike any other, VIETTEL has good leadership, clear and long-term vision with labor of the same direction. As the vision, VIETTEL considers “infrastructure is the first, business is the second”. In every operation globally, it has greatest fiber coverage nationwide, best quality and affordable price for customers.

Be the first Vietnamese operators’ investment outside the country, it already achieved considerable outcomes. VIETTEL were granted 10 licenses (mobile, internet, fixed line and television license), with 7 launched markets including Laos, Cambodia, Haiti, Peru, Mozambique, Cameroun, East Timor, Tanzania and Burundi. Besides, other markets Myanmar and Indonesia are on pending licenses.

Fact and figure: (2015 estimated): 80 million subscribers (97% mobile), total revenue ~$10 B, ~40.000 contracted staff in 12 countries, benefit about 20% total revenue.

Scope of business

1.     Telecommunication services (Viettel Telecom, Viettel Network, Viettel Global)

2.     R&D centers: network equipment center, smart device center, IT and telecom product center, Viettel Europe and Viettel America.

3.     Factory: network equipment (M1), fiber optic production and electronics devices (M3).

4.     Other fields: postal service, import- export, media, real estate, and finance investment.

 Our philosophy

  • Caring innovator, say it your way.
  • Sustainable difference with the others: military enterprise, company’s culture, concentration and decentralization, greatest infrastructure to the village, technology ownership, ownership of sales force.

Our GROUP’s VISION for the year 2020s

Industrial compound for network and military equipment

Top 10 in term of global revenue out of global investment operators.


Serving our U.S operation to build and develop metro site router mass production by Q2/2017. We are looking for high qualified employees to participate on our project for now.

Product description:  1U pizza box, IP/MPLS support, L2/L3/QoS/Security features, switching capacity up to 68 Gbps.

No Job ID Duties and responsibilities Location Salary/ Income Vacancies Job requirements
1 Embedded engineer (Firmware) – Research solutions and software architecture for embedded systems.
– Research analyze hardware architecture of embedded system.
– Design platform architecture on ARM, FPGA hardware structure
– Developing, porting operating system, driver, library, boot loader for hardware component.

– Developing management supervision for processors.
– Optimize embedded systems

Vietnam/ America Negotiated 2

(+2 fresh candidate)

– Qualifications: Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Science and related majors
– In-depth knowledge in embedded system, boot loader, driver for Linux OS.
– Software development and Linux operating system experience
– 3 year experiences in switching chipsets: Broadcom, Marvell with ARM or PIC
+ C/C++ in-depth programming
+ Experience working at: Cisco, Juniper


For fresh candidate: C/C++/Assembly experience; 2 year experience working on switching equipment scope.

2 Senior /principal software engineer – Research, Analyzing, designing IP network software architecture

– Coding, building & deploying IP network protocol
– Unit test and regression test for developed feature

– Fixing bugs and support system test during development.

Vietnam/ America Negotiated 4

(+6 fresh candidate)

– Qualifications: Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Science and related majors
– Knowledge in L2/L3 BGP, OSPF, ISIS, IP Forwarding, LLDP, ARP, RIP, VLAN, Link Aggregation, …

MPLS và QoS (RSVP-TE, LDP, DiffServ), and network protocol (UDP, TCP/IP), Carrier-Ethernet features alike MEF, EAPS/EPSR, PBB, PBT and Open Flow.
– 5 year+ experiences in
+ C/C++ in-depth programming
+ Technical knowledge and experience in developing system that requires stability and optimization
+ Experience working at: Cisco, Juniper


For fresh candidate: C/C++/Assembly experience; 3 year experience working on switching equipment scope.

3 Senior testing engineer – Research market products and design testing process.
– Building test cases, test plan in both manual and automation framework.

– Using test equipment alike Ixia for network and protocol tests.

– Preparing documentations such as user manual, training document.
– Deploying lab and field test in the customer’s testing environment.

Vietnam/ America Negotiated 2

(+2 fresh candidate)

– Qualifications: Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Science and related majors
– Knowledge in using Ixia equipment, testing framework, Linux OS, testing process and data base.
– 5 year+ experiences in
+ programming ability, automation test tool
+ Testing products in a network equipment
+ Experience working at: Cisco, Juniper

For fresh candidate: programming experience; 2 year experience working on network testing scope.



  • A dynamic working environment, professional, many opportunities to improve your self
  • Directly involved research and development of very important and complicated component of the network operation.
  • Ensure all rights of employees under the provisions of existing labor laws

Application includes:

  • Resume with reference contact
  • Proposal specifically on working time, working place, allowance and benefit (if any)


United States: Mr. Huy – Tel.: 786 660 6422 (California based), email:


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