Message from Mr. Larry Borten, Founder of ChildCare Vietnam

“I’m writing to ask for your support so we can fully fund ChildCare Vietnam for another year.

 You can help us change lives. Take four-year-old Loi, who suffers from cerebral palsy and was placed in the Peace Village orphanage because his parents could not care for him. There, he was consigned to a life of dependence and immobility. Though his intelligence is normal, schooling was not in his bleak future. But last month, he walked on his own for the first time with the help of a walker, and is learning to read and communicate.

 For Loi and more than 20 children with disabilities at the orphanage, our program of therapy and special education has been transformative. I wish you could witness their thirst for knowledge, their eagerness to improve, and the patience and energy of the CCV staff as they do this difficult work.


 A little goes a long way. Just $150 covers the cost of our services for a child for a month. With a gift of $1,800, you can ensure that a child benefits from our program for the whole year. Our gratitude for your generosity would not begin to match the joy on young faces at their sudden discovery of a world of possibility.


Please contribute to our Drive for 2019 at Rest assured that every dollar goes directly to provide services to our children. All other costs of CCV’s administration and fundraising are paid for by me, our Board or in-kind donations.

Please help fund CCV for another year. Your donations helped 4-year-old Loi walk for the first time last month, and we’re also teaching him to read and communicate. CCV’s team of teachers and therapists has transformed the lives of over 20 children with disabilities at the Peace Village orphanage.

 A little bit goes a long way. Our program costs $5 a day per child, so your gift of $25 or $50 will have real impact. Please contribute to our Drive for 2019”

 A benefit concert (this coming Saturday) on behalf of ChildCare Vietnam will take place in New York City. The Facebook announcement is here:


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