003: I – CHÚC TẾT 2017 “Second chance for Tết” từ Trầm Khánh Hưng

Mã số 003 – Bài dự thi “I-CHÚC TẾT 2017” từ bạn Trầm Khánh Hưng

I’ve been in the States for 5 months with a lots of new experiences, including this first-Tết-in-America experience. I miss home, I miss things belonging to home, I miss Tết. However, I wouldn’t say that I am upset not being home during Tết because I feel Tết right here with me. Hence, I would love spread my love for Tết and my wishes for my loved ones. Thank you! 

Họ Tên: Trầm Khánh Hưng

FB: Hung Tram Khanh (https://www.facebook.com/hung.tramkhanh)


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