BV-02: Bài dự thi HTNM 6 – Trip back to Vietnam (Anh Nguyen)

Bài dự thi Hành Trình Nước Mỹ 6. Thể loại: Bài viết

Tác giả: Anh Nguyen

Trip back to Vietnam

I’m an international student in the US from Nha Trang, Vietnam. I just had a dreamy summer vacation in my own birth place, in which I have been growing up for 17 years, and cherish the memories with my family and friends.

Nha Trang is so familiar to me; I could say that I even remember the pot-holes in each street. But this dear city has changed a lot during one year I stay in the US; it is getting more attractive day by day. Beside my dream of being a doctor, I love the work of a photographer because I really love the feeling when I catch a marvelous moment. Specially, my hometown is the place that makes me sink and click my phone with out cease.


Even something has changed, yet my love for Nha Trang beach will hardly change. People in Nha Trang wake up quite early to enjoy swimming. This moment was caught at 5:30 AM; I found this view gorgeous when I was swimming with my friends.


Lotus symbolizes the beauty of Vietnam, and also the vitality of the Vietnamese people.

It was great to try the feeling sitting on the jolly-boat. It was like lying on the surface of the pool. It should be funny if I knew how to row.


When you see the coconut tree in Nha Trang, you probably know it’s near the beach. Yes, this is in a famous island in Nha Trang called “Vinpearland”. Vinpearl is popular for both citizens and visitors. There are bunch of games and places to join in.



Here is one of the view in Vinpearl. These flowers are grown in the greenery.


What make my meaning trip are relationships with my best friends. A people life should have the presence of best friends; and I do.

If you have a plan to visit Vietnam, Nha Trang is a good suggestion for you.My trip back to Vietnam was so meaningful and relaxing. Thanks to my family and friends to give me happy time here, so that I receive a full power to work for my next school year.

If you have a plan to visit Vietnam, Nha Trang is a good suggestion for you.